Swanquarterart Plein Air Planning List

We won’t repeat what’s in the links attached to this web site about plein air painting.  Our purpose here is to help you plan for Swanquarterart workshops where we provide all the materials.

What to bring:

Appropriate Clothing:

In cold weather wear warm, comfortable clothing that permits you to move freely. Gloves with the finger tips cut out.  In all cases wear clothing you can get paint on.  No matter how careful you are, paint will find its way on to your clothing, hands and face.  In summer it is best to wear light colored or even white clothing.  I recommend you wear long pants, even in summer.


Wear a warm hat in cold weather and a broad brimmed hat in hot weather.  You need to protect yourself from the sun.

Insect repellant: 

This is needed especially in Swan Quarter, where you should be prepared to deal with mosquitos.  Spray it on your clothing, hat and all exposed skin.

Something to sit on:

Most plein air painting is done standing up, but if you think you will get tired of standing or want to paint sitting down be sure to arrange for a chair or stool.


I recommend you have a couple of bottles of water with you, especially in summer.  Sometimes we will break for lunch and go off as a group and sometimes we will bring lunch with us in a cooler.  Sometimes we all bring prepared lunches.  Be sure to ask.


Sometimes we are painting at a location where there is no bathroom.  Depending on the group and the proximity of facilities, people will take a break and share a ride there.  Ask ahead of time so you can make appropriate preparations.

Comfort is important.  The more comfortable you are the better you will work and learn.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.